Our Certifications

Since August 2010 East Durham Partnership has gained (and been re-certificated) to ISO standard enabling us to tender for a range of contracts across all sectors. Our clients include schools and colleges, businesses, re-processors, community groups, local authorities and the Department for Work and Pensions.

ISO Certification

EDP has been registered  as a certified  ISO approved organisation by ACS Registrars since 2010. This demonstrates our compliance with national  standards in quality, diversity and health and safety across all of our projects and initiatives.

EDP has been Assessed and Certified as meeting the requirements of

Matrix accreditation

EDP gained accreditation to the Matrix quality standard  in 2014. Re-accreditation was achieved in 2017 until 2020

This demonstrates our commitment to provision of quality information, guidance and advice services.

Achievement of this accreditation is a pre requisite to the acquisition of many training and advice related contracts

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